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Where To Find Silver In Subnautica Below Zero

Mine these places to find silver in Subnautica Below Zero easily.

Subnautica’s mesmerizing underwater world can hide how really intense the environment can really be. Crafting the right pieces of equipment for your survival can be felt like a necessity right from the start of the game. Collecting materials for this is pretty much a part of your daily chore in the game. Some of the vital resources in the game are however hard to find and the games keep them hidden in plain sight. One such resource is Silver. If you are facing difficulty finding it, we have mentioned here the locations where you can get Silver in Subnautica: Below Zero.

How to Get Silver in Subnautica: Below Zero


To get Silver in Subnautica: Below Zero, what you really are looking for is an Argentite outcrop, breaking these stones will give you Silver. They also give you Titanium sometimes so break a few.

Thermal Biome

Silver spawns in various locations in the game. Most of the biomes have spawning areas for them. The most prominent among these areas are near Rocket Island. As you head towards the Island, you will come across the Thermal Spiral Biome. It is easy to spot them as there will be black substance oozing out of the rocks there. There will be plenty of Argentite there to break and farm some Silver.


Emergency Supply Cache

Alternatively, you can head over to the direction of the Delta station dock. Midway through you will see clusters of long stones that will have random spawns of Argentite outcrop. These spawns will not just be on the outer surface of the rocks. You can check the surrounding caves and rocks too for silver. Break a few of these and after a few hits and misses, you should get enough silver. Make sure to keep your oxygen stats in check.

So that is all for our guide on how to find Silver location in Subnautica: Below Zero. If you would like to know where to find Magnetites, make sure you check that article out too.