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Silent Hill PT Had More Secrets Unveiled By Modder

Silent Hill may have been the greatest horror game never to be released, a game developed by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro had all the factors needed to be an instant hit but since Kojima left Konami the game was shelved and all we had was a playable teaser. Now there is a development in the datamining of Silent Hill.

The teaser takes us through a hallway again and again which keeps getting scarier the more you travel through it. This simple yet insanely scary phenomenon meant that streamers and data miners from all over the world were obsessed about it.


One such data miner, Lance McDonald recently had tinkered with the code of the game to reveal that Lisa, the ghost of Silent Hill playable teaser is always following you as soon as you get the flashlight.

You can check out Lance’s newest discovery here, where he got to leave the haunted hallway and get into the city of Silent Hill.

Kojima developed the game in such a way that even if you managed to escape the hallway, Lisa would attack you as soon as you put a step out of the house. You keep falling through the ground and Lisa will eventually attack you.


The entire city looks haunted and has been crafted with each detail keeping in mind, Lance said that he had to tweak the game’s code to make sure that he did not end up falling through the ground by making sure that the character floats a bit in the air throughout the game.

Silent Hill could have had a phenomenal impact on the gaming industry and its failure to release is a loss for all of gaming.