Deathloop: Are There Silenced Weapons?

Know about the Silenced Weapons in Deathloop.

Make your way out by breaking the loop in this game. All you have to do is decimate eight important key targets before the day ends. Die again and again until you get things right with a proper understanding. Apart from a variety of weapons in the game, the Silenced weapons are the true equipment of an assassin. However, are there any Silenced weapons in Deathloop? Check out this guide and find out the answer.

Are There Silenced Weapons in Deathloop?

Silenced Weapons in Deathloop

The short answer to this question is Yes, there are Silenced weapons in the game. Weapons like PT-6 ‘Spiker’, Tribunàl, and LIMP-10 are the Silenced weapons in Deathloop with multiple perks. Know more about these weapons through the following points:

PT-6 ‘Spiker’
It is a nail gun being used for a different purpose of eliminating enemies. A PT-6 ‘Spiker’ has multiple perks like:

  • Echolocation – A very useful perk revealing the location of the enemy by tagging them.
  • Lights Out – All the security devices shut down when you hit anything around.
  • Wait For It – The fired ammo detonated after a while.
  • Marked For Death – Enemies tagged deal extra damage from the ammo.
  • Open Wounds – Shot enemies bleed resulting in losing health over time.

Thereafter, this handgun is semi-automatic and has the following perks:

  • Golden Shot – Gives bonus after shooting the last bullet in the magazine. However, it resets after reloading the gun.
  • Run And Gun – Makes it possible to shoot even while sprinting.
  • Streaker – Provides a damage buff after killing enemies consecutively.
  • Hunter’s Mark – Tags enemies after shooting them leaving them vulnerable even after hiding.
  • Marked For Death – Causes extra damage to the enemy.
  • Suppressor – Makes weapon less noisy making it a perfect Silenced weapon in Deathloop.

Also known as the Light Infantry Machine Pistol is a sub-machine gun with useful perks like:

  • Ace In The Hole – Final rounds of the magazine deals extra damage to the enemy.
  • Open Wounds – Shot enemies bleed for a while resulting in losing HP over time.
  • Snare – Shooting an enemy will make them slow. Further, it makes it easy to target.
  • Vampire – Hitting enemies will regain your health.
  • Time Sensitive – As the day keeps moving, the damage caused by the bullet increases.
  • Suppressor – Makes weapon less noisy. Additionally, it makes it the only SMG that is a Silenced weapon in Deathloop.

That’s all you should know about the Silenced weapons in Deathloop. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other Deathloop guides.