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Sifu Gameplay Trailer Revealed

Sifu Official Gameplay Trailer Reveal: Find out more details about the new Trailer released during the IGN Summer of Gaming event

A new Sifu Gameplay Trailer just dropped during the IGN Summer Gaming Expo. The trailer showcased some fabulous new gameplay mechanics. So without further ado let’s dive into this new game.

What was shown in the new Sifu Gameplay Trailer?


The newly released trailer gives players a view of the gameplay. Sifu seems to have gone for an over-the-shoulder third-person view. Hand-to-hand combat does seem to be prevalent. However, you can even pick up items such as wooden bats and glass bottles.

The location seems to be a flashy new joint known simply as ‘The Club’. As the storyline goes, you will take control of an all-new fighter in the game. You will also face various stand-offs against some strong characters in the game.

Sifu Official Gameplay Trailer Revealed
All the fights in Sifu will take place in a location known as ‘The Club’.


Overall the game seems to have a really colorful aesthetic. The location settings help further this aspect of the game with strobe light making up the background. Visually, the game is a treat.

The Sifu Gameplay Trailer however did not have any information about any potential release dates however. That being said the game is bound to be released in 2021. So, you can expect it to drop within the next couple of months or so. Especially since the gameplay trailer has come out.

Hand-to-hand combat is of importance in the game. So this definitely isn’t your average bar fight. As you progress further in the game you will develop more skills for combo attacks and more.


This is everything you need to know about the new Sifu Gameplay Teaser Trailer Reveal. If you want to stay up to date on all the hot, new E3 releases, make sure that you check out the interlinked article to look for your favorite games.