AC Valhalla: The Siege Of Paris ‘Pat The Cats’ – All Cat Locations

Are you finding it difficult to spot and pet the cats in the 'Pat the Cats' trophy in AC Valhalla: The Siege of Paris? Read this article to see all the locations.

The ‘Pat the Cats’ trophy in AC Valhalla: The Siege of Paris requires you to pet all the cats in Evreux. While achieving this trophy might seem easy, find the cats’ locations can be the real challenge. In this article, we will show you how to locate and pet the cats in Evreux.

AC Valhalla: The Siege of Paris ‘Pat the Cats’ Trophy – All Cat Locations

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If you want to find all the locations of the cats in the ‘Pat the Cats’ trophy, keep reading.

  • To begin, you will first find a fast travel point in Evresin, in the town of Evreux. This region is located in the northwest of France.
  • Once you reach this fast travel point, you will find a marketplace to the south.
  • There will be 4 cats in this marketplace. They will not have fixed positions as they are not stationary, meaning you will need to look for them in and around the area.
  • Despite this, the cats will have scripted paths in the game. This means after a certain point in time, they will inevitably return to their original positions.
  • If you move from the direction of the fast travel point, you should be able to spot two cats to the right of the path in the market. These 2 cats should be somewhere near the market stalls. One of them will be a gray striped cat and the other will be a ginger cat.
  • Once you pet these two cats, you will find another one locked in a house. This house will have a wooden door, and it will be located at the edge of the town. This cat is quite easy to find, as its location is fixed in the game.
  • Another cat will be located behind a house, to your left. This will be a black cat.
  • If you are unable to find any cats despite searching for them, you can just fast travel back to the nearest fast travel point. This will respawn all of the cats.

These are all of the cat locations in the ‘Pat the Cats’ trophy.

How to Pet Cats?

  • To pet cats, you will first need to walk towards them after you spot them.
  • When you do so, you will find a ‘Pet’ prompt floating above the cat.
  • You will be able to pick up the cat and pet it once you click on the relevant button in the prompt. For example, in consoles, you will need to press the triangle button to pet the cat.
  • Once you do this, Eivor will pick up the cat and pet it in a brief cutscene.
  • When petting a cat, you will need to remember certain things. For one, you will not be able to pet cats if you have your hood on.
  • To unequip your hood, you will need to press the ‘down’ button and then unselect the hood from the resultant item wheel (for consoles)
  • You will also not be able to pet cats that are sleeping. To wake them up, you can shoot an arrow near it.

This brings us to the end of this article on the ‘Pat the Cats’ in AC Valhalla: The Siege of Paris trophy and all the locations you can find the cats in. Just remember to unequip your hood and wake up the cats before you pet them.

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