Shining Beyond Tier List (2024)

Here are all the heroes ranked from best to worst in this Shining Beyond tier list.

Shining Beyond has some of the most powerful heroes in the game. Knowing which hero to invest on and how. So in this guide, we give you a tier list of all heroes in Shining Beyond ranked from best to worst. This will help you choose the best character in the game.

Shining Beyond Tier List (2024)

Shining Beyond

The heroes are classified into S, A, B,C, and D tiers.

  • S Tier – This tier has the best characters of the game. You cannot go wrong with them and can expect guranteed wins.
  • A Tier –  The next best lot of heroes are A tier ones that will be the best option to choose from.
  • B Tier – B tier heroes have a little bit of everything with respect to their stat. They do not have a specific skills that they excel in and give average results.
  • C Tier –  C tier heroes are best of you know what you are doing with them. If you have the skill to use their abilities proerly, you can choose these heroes.
  • D Tier – D tier characters can act like your last i=option ot choose. But that in no way means that they are a complete waste.

This list mentions all the heroes along with their class type and their base tier. Here are all the characters ranked from bst to worst in this Shining Beyond tier list:

Lucille Acolyte/Mage SSR S
Emiko Archer/Ranger SSR S
Athena TankGuardian/Warrior SSR S
Artemis Archer&Ranger SSR S
MeiFang Rogue SSR S
Freya TankGuardian/Warrior SSR A
Raegar Rogue SSR A
Jenny Rogue SSR A
Kane Archer/Ranger SSR A
Leon Warrior/Tank SSR A
Emilia Acolyte/Mage SSR A
Emilia Acolyte SSR B
Theia Acolyte&Mage SSR B
Shizu Rogue SSR B
Fran Guardian/Warrior SSR B
Chaos Archer/Ranger SSR B
Beretta Acolyte/Mage SSR B
Altima Warrior SSR B
Tess Archer/Ranger SSR B
Isabel Archer/Ranger SR C
Arisa Acolyte/Mage SR C
Natsumi Rogue SR C
Faye Warrior SR C
Izumi Rogue SR C
Makoto Rogue SR D
Jake Warrior/Tank SR D
Loki&Fenrir Warrior SR D
Gordon Acolyte/Mage R D
Oberon Acolyte/Mage SR D
Isabella Tank SR D
Kahuna Acolyte/Mage SR D
Nadia Archer/Ranger SR D
Cecil Rogue R D

So that is all for our guide on Shining Beyond tier list. If you would like to know all new Shining Beyond codes, we have a guide on that too for you to check out.