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Shindo Life Codes (November 2022): Free RELL Coins & Spins

Here are our latest promo codes for Roblox Shindo Life.

We have a list of all the updated codes in our Roblox Shindo Life Codes wiki, to redeem free Spins, RELLcoins and XP. They can expire any time in the coming days. So make sure to redeem them as soon as you can. With that said let’s jump right into it.


These codes are working as of November 9, 2022, when we checked. But Roblox codes tend to expire in 2 to 3 days. We will be updating new codes as they are released.

Roblox Shindo Life Codes Wiki (November 2022)

Here is our list of the latest Shindo Life Codes:

  • HALLOW33N3v3n7! – Redeem this code to get 20k RellCoins and spins
  • Alph1RELL! – Redeem this code to get 10k RELL Coins (New)
  • bicmanRELLm0n! – Redeem this code to get  50k RELL Coins (New)
  • FizzAlphi! – Redeem this code to get Free Spins and 10k RELL Coins (New)
  • 6hindoi5lif35! – Redeem this code to get 200 Spins

Roblox Shindo Life Codes

How Do I Redeem These Codes?

  1. Open the game
  2. Go to the character “edit tab/customization” tab.
  3. Find the [YOUTUBE CODE] area, on the top right side of the screen.
  4. Copy one of the above working codes here.
  5. Paste the code & instantly get your free rewards

how and where to redeem shindo life codes


All Shindo Life Codes

These codes are expired now:

  • ss5Shindo55!
  • RELLhardWorkmyGuy!
  • k1nGhasR3turned!
  • Gr1nDinH4rd!
  • onlyTeemWeelTeel!
  • rahwomen!
  • Ragnaarr!
  • Ragnarr!
  • Ragnat!
  • verryHungry!
  • RamenGuyShindai!
  • RamenShindai!
  • RELLYrellcoins!
  • fansAppreciatioN!
  • onehunnet!
  • CCwh3Re!
  • RyujiMomesHot!
  • c0434dE!
  • Shindotwo2!
  • ShinobiKenobi!
  • 2022isHERE!
  • 2YrsDev!
  • AlphiramaAkuma!
  • AlphiramaShizen!
  • BankaiZenDokei!
  • BeenSomeTimeBoi!
  • BelieveOtMon!
  • berryCoolMon!
  • bigExperienceMon!
  • bigjobMON!
  • BIGmonLEEKS!
  • bigthickcodeMon!
  • bossMonRELL!
  • BullyMaguire!
  • BusBius!
  • chillenBuildenMon!
  • Cowabunging!
  • de2001!
  • de2002!
  • de2003!
  • de2004!
  • de2005!
  • FannyPacked!
  • giftFOEdayZ!
  • HappyNewYear!
  • IeatChiken!
  • J0eStar!
  • MorbiTing!
  • moreechpee!
  • MorMor!
  • NewBeginnings!
  • PeterPorker!
  • Pray4Update!
  • REELclaus!
  • REELcookies!
  • REELdivine!
  • REELlicks!
  • REELsantar!
  • REELworked!
  • RELL2020Year!
  • RELLsup!
  • Shindo2022!
  • ShindoBlickyHittingMilly!
  • Spooderman!
  • Subscribe2CaribBros!
  • TensaSengoku!
  • TenSen!
  • UpdateIsHERE!

How to Get New Codes?

To get new codes, follow the developers on Discord or Twitter. But if you don’t want to search everywhere, you can save your time and check Gamer Tweak for all the latest codes daily.


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