SharkBite Christmas Codes 2023 Guide – How To Get?

Here's how to get all SharkBite Christmas Codes.

The new Christmas update for SharkBite is here. And we have new SharkBite Christmas Codes to redeem new gifts in the game. But these are a bit different from the Twitter promo codes. These you have to individually go and collect to redeem them. You won’t be able to use the codes we have received, as typing them in your game will show they are invalid. So there is no point sharing them here. But we will guide you on how to earn these secret unique codes for yourself in your game. So today we will look at how you can collect these Xmas codes and use them in the console.

How to Get SharkBite Christmas Codes 2023?

How to Get SharkBite Christmas Codes

Here’s how to get and redeem SharkBite Christmas Codes:

  1. Wait for the shark hunt to begin
  2. You should not be the shark to collect these codes
  3. Once you are the hunter look for the hot balloons
  4. Take your boat near them
  5. Equip your weapon shoot at balloons
  6. Balloons will fall down with few shots
  7. Go to the location it fell
  8. The ballons will reveal a “broken clock”
  9. You will see the Clock showing a changing time
  10. You will need to wait till the numbers on the clock stop changing
  11. Once the clock stops at a 4 digit number that’s your unique code
  12. You need to note down these codes if you are taking down more than 1 balloon
  13. Now go to the SharkByte arcade machine
  14. Type in the unique code you received
  15. This will give you gift boxes
  16. The more gift boxes you earn, the better sharks, boats, & weapons you unlock
  17. The rewards according to Prize Board are:
    • Rudolph Shark – x10 Gift Boxes
    • Snowball Launcher – x40 Gift Boxes
    • Steam-train Boat – x100 Gift Boxes
    • Golden Sleigh – x200 Gift Boxes
    • RGB Turret Sleigh – x500 Gift Boxes
    • RGB Shark – x750 Gift Boxes
    • Golden Shark – x999 Gift Boxes

That’s everything you need to know about SharkBite Christmas Codes and how to get them all. If you are looking for the Twitter Promo Codes for this game, then check out our SharkBite Codes article.