All Shark Types In Arcane Odyssey (Great White, Megalodon ,White Eyes & More)

Here are all Shark types and the items they drop in Arcane Odyssey.

Do you want to know all Shark types and their dropped items in Arcane Odyssey? Then look no further. Well, sharks should be feared in Arcane Odyssey, just like in real life. However, you should also be aware that some of the sharks in this Roblox game drop some really high-value items. So, whether you want to keep safe distance against these hostile creatures or go after them for loot, this guide will surely help you out.

All Shark Types in Arcane Odyssey & Their Dropped Items

The list below contains all the types of sharks that you can find in the game. We have listed down their spawn rate, HP, and special dropped items that you can get. So, without further ado, let’s get started:

Normal Shark

Just like their names itself, these shark types are fairly common to find in Arcane Odyssey. They have the highest rate of spawning at a whopping 75%. So, if you’re a new player at sea, watch out for these sharks as they can give you a really hard time. However, these sharks don’t drop any items upon death. So, it’s practically pointless going after them.

Tiger Shark

The Tiger Shark is a faster, larger, and stronger type of the Normal shark in Arcane Odyssey. However, they have a considerably lesser spawn rate which is 17%. Luckily for you, they have a 50% chance of dropping Shark Fins and 25 Galleons.

Great White Shark

Just like in real life, the Great White Shark is a nightmare to deal with in Arcane Odyssey . They are a larger version of the Normal Shark but are not as fast as them. With a 12.5% spawn rate, the Great White Shark drops some items upon death too. If you kill this shark in Arcane Odyssey, you will have a 50% chance of getting White Shark fin and 40 galleons.


Belonging to the Mackerel shark species, the Megalodon is one of the largest type of shark in Arcane Odyssey. Even with a spawn rate of 7%, Megalodons can wreak havoc while attacking your Rowboat, Sailboat, Caravels, or Ketches. They are quite fast as well. If you manage to kill the Megalodon, you will hav a 50% chance of landing Megalodon fins and 120 galleons.


Lurkers are smaller in size compared to the Great White. However, they are super fast and only spawn near whirlpools with a 33% chance. Kiling Lurkers in Arcane Odyssey will give you a 50% chance of getting Lurker eyes and 70 galleons.

Poison Jaws

Poison Jaws belong to the Sea Monsters category in Arcane Odyssey. The monsters here are some of the most dangerous aquatic enemies that you will encounter in the game. They are small bluish-grey sharks that have poisonous fangs. Though their bite damage is low, they are blessed a higher rate of poison damage. With a 7% spawn rate and a whopping 600 HP, Poison Jaws won’t be that easy to beat. If you manage to kill them, you will get your hands on the Poison Tooth Dagger dropped item.

White Eyes

white eyes shark

Lastly, we have the White Eyes shark which is one of the most dangerous aquatic creatures in the game. They belong to the Sea monsters family and rightly so. It is a huge red and grey shark that has bright white eyes. White Eyes are way larger than a Megalodon and are also blessed with stunning 3000 HP and 2000 Bite damage. It can easily sink a Rowboat, Sailboat, Caravels, Ketches and even a Frigate. Killing it is extremely tough but if you manage to do that, you will get a White Eyes scale and 300 galleons as dropped item reward.

That’s all you need to know about all Shark types in Arcane Odyssey & what they drop. If you liked this guide, then check out more tips and tricks on our Arcane Odyssey Roblox section.