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Shadow Warrior 3 Official Gameplay Trailer at E3 2021 Showcased

The upcoming action title Shadow Warrior 3 was also one of the games that Devolver Digital presented at E3 2021. This is how the weird adventure was shown in a bloody trailer at the event.

With Shadow Warrior 3, the weird action series from Flying Wild Hog is entering its next round this year. As part of Devolver Digital’s digital event at E3 2021, the makers of the studio used the provided stage to present us with a new trailer for the game.


The new gameplay trailer provides numerous new impressions from what is happening in the game and makes it clear that the latest title of the series will be both fast-paced and bloody.

In Shadow Warrior 3, the fallen company shogun Lo Wang and his former employer, later archenemy and even later comrade in arms, Orochi Zilla embark on the seemingly unlikely mission to arrest an ancient dragon that they did not intentionally free from its eternal captivity.

In the course of the campaign of the title, you will face numerous adversaries who you clear out of the way with powerful weapons while you make your way through the dynamic areas. The dry-wit humor of the predecessors will of course also return.


Shadow Warrior 3 will be released in 2021 for the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.