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Shadow Of Tomb Raider New Mod Adds 25+ Revealing Outfits

Not For Kids, The Mod Just Makes The Clothes Disappear

Shadow of the Tomb Raider brought us a new face of Lara Croft and an entirely new world of exploration. The game was launched last year in the month of September and till yet we haven’t heard anything interesting.

Recently a modder Joster Mod developed a new mod that works for the main character. Available on Nexus mod for download, this new mod adds more than 25 new outfits in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, but these are not just regular outfits and it’s definitely not for kids. The mod adds revealing dress in the game and requires Kaldaien’s Special K mod for installation.

There are tons of such mods which either entirely undress the protagonist or adds hot consumes. The mod is a third party addon, read the instructions properly to test it out, it can damage your game files. You have to visit Nexus Mods and signup for an account to download it.

If you are not interested in testing out revealing outfits, then you can also try Shadow of the Tomb Raider Outfit Mod that is marked as safe to use the mod for the game on the download site. It offers you some cooling looking outfits, a mask that gives Lara Croft an entirely new look.

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