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Shadow Complex Remastered on PS5 Now Playable Thanks to Backwards Compatibility

Not all PS4 games are compatible with the PS5, but at least Shadow Complex Remastered can now be played on the next-gen console of Sony thanks to backwards compatibility.


A few weeks ago, Sony provided a comprehensive overview of the backward compatibility of the PS5. It contained a list of PS4 games that will not run on the new console. This included Shadow Complex Remastered.

The title can now be removed from the list. With a new update, the backwards compatibility was added later. The developers refer to this in a tweet. It reads the following: “Our team has patched Shadow Complex Remastered for PS4 and it’s now playable on PlayStation 5!”

If their highlight is on the list of incompatible games, you can hope that the compatibility will be established with a patch. The Spanish studio behind DWVR was very early known that is working hard on a patch. Frozenbyte, however, ruled out that Shadwen would be removed from the list and justified the decision.

Sony announced in the weeks leading up to the launch of the new console that more than 99% of the PS4 titles could be played on the PlayStation 5. This includes all Naughty Dog games.


For example, some games benefit from the PS5’s Game Boost, which allows PS4 titles to run at a higher or smoother frame rate. However, it cannot be guaranteed that all functions of the games will always be available on the new console.

If you don’t have a last-gen game, thanks to the PlayStation Plus Collection, you can download 20 PS4 games and use them on the PlayStation 5. This requires a paid PS Plus membership.