Seven Knights 2 Tier List & Reroll Guide

Here are the best heroes you can get in our Seven Knights 2 Tier List & Reroll Guide.

Seven Knights 2 is the eagerly awaited successor to the real-time combat mobile RPG Seven Knights, which was released in 2015. Now with some characters changed and new heroes added, playing the sequel will be like a fresh new start for many fans. Now you can download the game from both the Google Play Store & Apple App Store. As the game was just released a few days back, we will be spending lots of time playing the game to bring you more content. But till then take a look at our Seven Knights 2 Tier List & Reroll Guide.

Seven Knights 2 Tier List of Best Heroes

Seven Knights 2 Reroll Tier List

The following tier list is courtesy of the famous Seven Knights player & Singaporean YouTuber 7KDreamer Plays. He has been creating content for the prequel for the last 4 years and is one of the best players out there. So a tier list created by him can be the best you can find for the sequel, considering his abilities and experience. So with that said, here is the Seven Knights 2 (7K2) Tier List:

Tiers Hero Characters
S+ Tier Ming
S+ Tier Shane
S+ Tier Valdur
S+ Tier Cosette
S Tier Dellons
S Tier Eileene
S Tier Karin
S Tier Rachel
S Tier Rudy
S Tier Spike
S Tier Yeonhee
A Tier Lene
A Tier Lukey
A Tier Melissa
B Tier Iota
B Tier Juju
B Tier Neo
B Tier Rudy
B Tier Serena
B Tier Shane
B Tier Shay
B Tier Valdur
C Tier Adel
C Tier Guilahan
C Tier Henry
C Tier Ian
C Tier Scott
D Tier Lene

According to 7KDreamerPlays, these are the best Seven Knights 2 characters tier list you can aim in rerolling while starting the game. So with that said let’s look at how to reroll in Seven Knights 2.

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Seven Knights 2 How to Reroll Guide

Okay before we start you need to know that it is not recommended to reroll in Seven Knights 2. Unlike other gacha based games, re-rolls in Seven Knights 2 will take longer than unlocking the heroes the usual way. This is because the gacha summon rates are very rare and really not worth it. But still, if you want to reroll, here’s how to do this in Seven Knights 2:

  1. Make sure to have lots of 10x Summon Ticket codes.
  2. Then register and log in to an account.
  3. Now type in a code you have.
  4. If you are not happy, then use the next code to get reroll.
  5. If you do not have any codes with you then the only way to reroll is by waiting 7 days.
  6. This is because as your 7-day login reward, you will get a legendary hero.
  7. So to do this you have to check your hero, and not happy then make a new account.
  8. Then again wait for 7 days to reroll.
  9. This is not really worth it and must be avoided if you are aiming to progress ahead in the game.

That’s everything you need to know about Seven Knights 2 Tier List & Reroll Guide. While you are here, make sure to check out more of our Tier Lists to know our rankings for characters in other games, like SLIME ISEKAI Memories Tier List.