Genshin Impact Setaria: All Answers To Her Question

Know all the answers to Setaria's question in Genshin Impact.

Archon Quest Chapter III was recently introduced in Genshin Impact with some new and interesting storylines. Further, in Archon Quest’s Act III – Dreams, Emptiness, Deception, you have to study the mannerisms of several NPCs residing in the Sumeru region. These NPCs are connected to Setaria which makes it an interactive quest where you have to select the right answers. You have to possess and enter the consciousness of these NPCs and select the correct dialogues to somehow convince Setaria. Check out this guide to know all the correct answers to Setaria’s question in Genshin Impact.

All Answers for Setaria’s Question in Genshin Impact (Nabiya, Akim & Qishan)

All Answers to Setaria's Questions in Genshin Impact

Here are the answers to the questions asked by Setaria to all the three NPCs:


  • Firstly, Setaria will come and ask the name of the cats owned by Nabiya to which you have to select this option:
    • Harut and Marut
  • Thereafter, she will ask about her fortune related to her project. Select this option to progress further:
    • Hummm… Ah, the gods have spoken!


  • Setaria will now interact with Akim, a vendor, and ask him some questions. Upon reaching him, she will first ask him about what kind of work is he looking for. Select this option:
    • Uh, masonry work.
  • Later, Setaria will ask a question about Akim’s father to which select this option:
    • He’s feeling a lot better, and he’s walking more now.


  • Qishan is the final NPC you have to possess in order to answer Setaria’s answers correctly in Genshin Impact. She will ask Qishan about preaching to which select the following option:
    • No, I’ve been spending all my time studying in the basement.

After this, Setaria will interact with another NPC called Rima. However, this time, any of the dialogues can be selected.

These were all the correct answers for Setaria’s questions in Genshin Impact. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other Genshin Impact guides.