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How To Set Up Split-Screen In MW2

Here's how to set up the Splitscreen Multiplayer mode in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and start playing with your friends.

Now all the Call of Duty franchise fans can enjoy MW 2 with their friends. The Split Screen feature is now back in Modern Warfare 2. Now you don’t have to worry about guiding your teammate via voice chat. Simply set up the Split-Screen in COD MW2 and start grinding with them. However, if you’re unaware of the process to do so, then we’ve got you covered. Go through the steps mentioned below and you’ll be good to go.


Steps to Set Up & Play Split-Screen in COD MW2

How To Set Up & Play Split-Screen in COD Modern Warfare 2

Here are the steps to set up and play the Multiplayer Split-Screen Mode in COD Modern Warfare 2 (MW2). Before we dive into the steps, let us tell you that for now, this feature is only available on the console.

  • First, launch the Call of Duty MW2 on your
  • Next, go to your Main Menu and open the Multiplayer mode.
  • After that, plug in the second controller that you prefer to use.
  • As soon as you do so, you’ll see a pop-up message saying press A on Playstation or X on Xbox for Splitscreen. Simply click on the respective button.
  • Then, select & sign in with the account you want to use to play the game.
  • That’s it, now go ahead and select a game type and you’ll be good to go.

However, we have a piece of bad news for you. As of now, you can only play the MW2 Splitscreen mode in Private Matches. Developers haven’t reported if it’s a glitch or not but it’s surely taking the excitement out of the game. After the initial release, every now and then players started to run into various errors. But don’t worry, developers are working on it and trying to fix all the issues in the upcoming updates. That sums up everything about how you can set up to play the Multiplayer Split-Screen mode in Call of duty MW2. While you’re here check out how you can unlock Ghost (Operator) in the game.