Fortnite Fireworks Locations: Set Off Fireworks Around Lazy Lake

Here's how to complete the quick challenge of setting off fireworks in Fortnite. Check out all the locations of fireworks in this guide.

Fortnite’s Fireworks Around Lazy Lake is the perfect challenge for the fourth of July celebration as it is just around the clock, all you have to do is visit a bunch of places and then set off the fireworks. This guide will show you where you can find all the fireworks in Fortnite Season 3.

How To Complete Set Off Fireworks Fortnite Lazy Lake In Fortnite Season 3

This challenge is one of the most straightforward challenges ever given out in Fortnite, all you have to do is find five different sets of fireworks and set them off in the game to complete the challenge. You will get around 4000 XP for your efforts.

First off, start by jumping off the battle bus as close to Lazy Lake as possible, keep one thing in mind that if someone else gets to the fireworks before you they won’t reappear.

So this is a race against time and other players and there will be many who will try to compete with you, so it is best that you land nearby to these locations and complete the challenge.

You can check the map below for the list of all the locations where you can get the fireworks. Approach these fireworks and press the button prompt.

fireworks location fortnite

Location 1

You will need to go a bit northeast of Lazy Lake, get inside the F6 quadrant, and move towards the upper right corner of it.

Location 2

From the first location, turn back and go further north this will take you up on a hill. Once there head westwards and you will find the second set of fireworks there.

Location 3

Go to the east of Lazy Lake and on top of another hill in the F6 quadrant at the very edge.

Location 4

Find the Hot Shots Cafe in Lazy Lake and you will find the fireworks nearby.

Location 5

Find the gas station in Lazy Lake towards the southwest corner and you will find a hill closeby, on this hill, you will find the fireworks.

All you have to do is find these places and then set off the fireworks. If you are done with this check out how to land the choppa at Steamy Stacks in Fortnite.