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Minecraft Dungeons Servers Down – How To Check Server Status

Here's how to check Minecraft Dungeon's server status.

Minecraft Dungeons is a wonderful action-adventure game that you can either play solo or with friends. If you have planned on a gaming session but are getting connection issues or aren’t able to log in, then chances are that Minecraft Dungeons servers are down. Here’s how to check Minecraft Dungeons server status and find out when you can play again.

Minecraft Dungeons Server Status – Are Servers Down?

how to check minecraft dungeons servers down

Here are the different ways to know if Minecraft Dungeons servers are down for maintenance or due to an outage.

  • Check Downdetector.com.
  • Head over to the game’s official Twitter account or Mojang Status pages.
  • Check Social Media.

Check Downdetector.com

Downdetector is a famous site that provides the server status for various games. On its Minecraft Dungeons page, you can see the outage graph reported by players and you can also check the comments made by others. This is a great way to know if there’s an issue from Minecraft’s side or if it’s just you.

Official Twitter Page

Check if @dungeonsgame or @MojangStatus have provided updates regarding an increase in error rates or disruptions in Minecraft services. If the problems are under investigation, you will receive an update related to them from these sources so do keep an eye on the aforementioned accounts.

Check Social Media

If there is no update from the developers yet but members of the community are posting about it on Twitter or Reddit, then rest assured that the team may already be working on it. In such a scenario, all you can do is wait until it’s fixed. Keep trying after regular intervals to see if you are able to jump into a game or not.

So, these are all the different ways to check if Minecraft Dungeons servers are down and what’s the current server status. For more info on Minecraft Dungeons or Minecraft, we’ve got guides on Gamer Tweak!