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Diablo Immortal Servers Down? Check Server Status For Mobile, PC

Here's how to find out if Diablo Immortal servers are down right now or back up online.

Diablo Immortal is an MMORPG that will require you to join forces with other players to take down brutal enemies. If you are part of a clan and planning a session to get important work done in the game with friends, but face connection issues, latency or login problems, then the servers could be down. Here’s how to check the Diablo Immortal server status right away.

Diablo Immortal Server Status – How to Check if Servers are Down?


how to check Diablo Immortal Server Status

There are multiple ways to find out if Diablo Immortal servers are down at the moment or not:

  • Check the official Twitter account @DiabloImmortal for updates.
  • Check the official Blizzard website for posts by other players or the devs.
  • Follow @BlizzardCS to know information regarding outage and maintenance period.
  • Check Reddit or Twitter search for posts related to server downtime.
  • Check if your internet is off.
  • Find out if Blizzard is down at the moment via Downdetector.


The best place to know about server problems is the Twitter account of Blizzard/Diablo Immortal. Follow them and turn on notifications to be instantly notified of updates regarding fixes.

Apart from that, keep an eye on the News category of Blizzard to see if there’s an hotfix that was recently deployed or if they have addressed a bug.

Lastly, scroll through the #DiabloImmortal hashtag on Twitter and check gaming subreddits to see if players are posting about connection issues similar to yours.


If you don’t see any posts, check your internet connection (reset your router and try connecting to the game again). It should be stable enough for you to play uninterrupted because if your connection is intermittent, your character will suffer great damage from incoming enemies.

Don’t forget to check if your online or not, because those players who try to access the game without an internet connection will see the “Unable to Connect to Game Server” or “Connection Failed” error message. To fix this, turn on your wifi, and try again.

For additional help, you can contact Blizzard support.


Once the game is up and running, be sure to check out our guide on how to get Platinum in Diablo Immortal right away. We will be putting up more tips, tricks and strategies for this title on Gamer Tweak, stay tuned.