Is DOTA 2 Down? How To Check The Server Status

By Darwin
3 Min Read

DOTA 2 is a massively multiplayer online game. While there are many casual gamers, there are many hardcore gamers who spend hours on multiple games. To keep up with it the server must function at its optimal state. This is not possible at times and the server breaks down. You won’t be able to start the game as your connection to the server is not being established. In this guide, I will show you how you can check the Server Status in DOTA 2.

How to Check the Server Status in DOTA 2

server stats in dota 2

To check the Server Status in DOTA 2, you will have to go to the Steam Stats website. Here you will be able to check The Server Status for servers that are under Steam like CS: GO, TF2, as well as DOTA 2. On clicking the DOTA 2 Game Coordinator, it will open up a page that displays the overall stats of DOTA 2 servers. On the right of DOTA 2 Game Coordinator, the status is given. It will either be Normal in green, Partially Broken in cyan, or an error message in yellow. If the Servers are under Maintenance, then you will have to wait till the Servers are fixed. But if it’s in Normal, then you will have to check if your connection to Steam services is proper or not.

If you cannot connect to DOTA’s servers, you have to check if your Internet connection is stable. If that’s not the case then check if any of the game files are corrupt by uninstalling and reinstalling DOTA 2. Also, check if your Steam client is functioning correctly or not.

The Servers can go down for multiple reasons. Maybe the new update is not working correctly, maybe there is a load on the server due to the influx of players, maintenance breaks, etc. Whatever the reason may be, if the server is down as displayed on this website, Steam will fix it in no time. But if it shows it is functioning, you will have to check your client system. Usually, servers go down around 10 mins between 3 – 5 PM CT every Tuesday for maintenance break.

This was how you can check DOTA 2’s Server Status. Hopefully, this guide helped you in resolving your doubts. You can also check our guides on Holy Locket in DOTA 2.