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Are Apex Legends Servers Down Right Now? (April 2023)

Are Apex Servers down? Here's how to find out ASAP.

Are Apex Servers down right now? There are multiple ways to know the answer to this question. Due to the ever-growing popularity of the game and its consistent updates, the servers can go down sometimes due to maintenance or outage. Here’s how to check Apex Legends server status and find out.

Are Apex Legends Servers Down Right Now? (April 2023)

apex legends servers down

Whenever there are server issues and you are not able to log in or connect, don’t worry. The developers will be working on fixing it asap. Meanwhile, this is how you can check Apex server status:

Head to @PlayApex Twitter account

You can check out the official Twitter account of the game developers @PlayApex. This is where you will get the latest updates related to errors, hotfixes, and any other issues straight from the source.

Check for Xbox Live & PSN Server Issues

Find out if Xbox Live or PlayStation Network are down by clicking on these links.

Head to Third Party Sites

Check out websites such as downdetector to know if players have reported any outages in the past 24 hours. It’s a pretty reliable site that will tell you if the services have been operational or not in various regions.

Check Social Media

Twitter and the Apex Subreddit are the best places to know if other players from the community are also facing similar connection issues. So, if you are getting kicked from games or not able to login at all, then you can post on the subreddit and find out if it’s just you or it’s the servers.

If you think that the issues could be from your endreset your router and check again. Next, attempt to join the game via a wired connection to see if that fixes the connection problems. If the servers are not down and still you are not able to connect to the game, you can contact Apex Legends Help/Support.

That’s everything about Apex Legends server status and if the servers are down or not. For more Apex guides, stay with Gamer Tweak!