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Where To Find The Serpentbone Blade In Elden Ring

Here's how to get the Serpentbone Blade in Elden Ring.

Serpentbone blade in Elden Ring is a very lethal weapon despite having a very common moves set. This katana looks just the same as what it is, deadly. It has a row of spines on the blunt side which may not directly damage anyone but, it is covered with poison which slowly but surely kills your enemy. It may not be the strongest weapon in the game but nobody can deny the fact that it is one of the best looking weapons in Elden Ring. Here are its stats:

  1. Physical Attack – 120
  2. Critical Attack – 100
  3. Strength Required – 11
  4. Dexterity Required – 22


Where to Find the Serpentbone Blade in Elden Ring

serpentbone blade in elden ring

Finding the Serpentbone blade in Elden Ring is a cinch. One can get it in the Volcano Manor which is available once you advance to a certain point in the game. Volcano Manor, as everyone knows, is one of the legacy dungeons in Elden Ring.


How to Get the Serpentbone Blade

serpentbone blade stats in elden ring

Now that you know where to find this poisonous Katana, the next thing that you should know is how to get it. Follow the steps mentioned below for the same:


IMPORTANT: First things first, if you have defeated Lord Rykard already then, as of now, you can’t get your hands on the Serpentbone Blade. No one has discovered any method to secure this Katana after beating Lord Rykard.

  1. Initially, you must complete one or two quests in the Volcano Manor. For starting a quest, find and talk to Tanith in the manor.
  2. She will give your certain assassination tasks which will lead you closer to this katana. To get your weapon of choice, kill Rileigh The Idle for Tanith.
  3. Get back to the Volcano Manor after taking him down and talk to Tanith again. There, she will reward you with the Serpentbone Katana.

It is actually difficult to believe that you can get such a unique weapon this easily but it is what it is.


Our beautiful Katana has slash combo attacks too which can deal a good amount of damage. The poison based weapon may not be much effective in PvP battles but has its advantages in fights against NPCs. Why wouldn’t someone want to add this blade in their arsenal?

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