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How To Send A Toddler To Daycare In The Sims 4

Learn to keep your toddler engaged in daycare in The Sims 4.

Being a parent is never easy. Long-time players of The Sims 4 know what it’s like to try and balance work while taking care of their kids. Thankfully through mods, you can finally put your toddler in a daycare in Sims 4. Let’s take a quick look at how to use the feature.

How to Put Your Toddler in Daycare in Sims 4

how to put a toddler in daycare in the sims 4

Toddlers require you to keep their Attention meter filled if you want them to remain happy. This can be difficult to accomplish while your adult sims have full-time jobs and other activities. To solve this, Sims 4 players can send toddlers to a daycare where they will spend time and gain attention from other toddlers and adults.

You can do this by simply using your phone and clicking on the Hire a Service option. From there click on NPC and select the Daycare option. Players can set the amount of time they want their toddler in daycare, anywhere from 1-12 hours.

The daycare will send someone to pick up your toddler from your home. Your toddler will then be taken to the daycare center where they will meet and interact with other toddler sims. This will keep your toddler happy and give them a good amount of attention. You can even keep tabs on your sim with the Check on Toddler option by selecting the daycare worker.

When the time’s up, the daycare will drop your toddler back home safely. After a long day of playing and talking to other kids, your toddler will want to just rest for a while. The overall daycare experience is a great way to balance your sims work and personal life.

That’s all we have on how to send your toddler to daycare in The Sims 4. For more tips on the game check out How to Get and Use Grannies Cookbook and other Sim 4 Guides here on Gamer Tweak.