Where Is Seluvis Rise Location In Elden Ring

Here's a simple guide on where to find Seluvis Rise in Elden Ring.

Seluvis Rise is an important location in Elden Ring so many players are looking for ways to get to it. By reaching there, you will get access to valuable resources. And resources are always useful in this game to upgrade your character and survive longer. But just knowing the location of this tower isn’t enough. If you head there, you will be blocked by a magic barrier stopping you from going further. This guide will tell you how to unlock this tower and the resources in it.

Seluvis Rise Location & How to Get to it in Elden Ring

Seluvis Rise Location on Elden Ring Map

This tower is quest-locked and to unlock it, you’ll have to start Ranni the Witch’s questline. To do so, head over to Ranni’s tower and speak to her. Once you do, she’ll ask you to speak to three of her servitors namely War Counselor Iji, Half-Wolf Warrior Blaidd, and Preceptor Seluvis. Upon speaking to the Preceptor, he will ask you to visit his tower. Then you can head over to this location.

In Elden Ring, Seluvis Rise tower is located in the Three Sisters sub-region of Liurnia of the Lakes. To reach there, start moving southwest from Ranni’s Tower and you will find it on a cliff overlooking the Caria Manor. Once you get there, talk to Seluvis on the ground floor and he will send you on a quest to find Nepheli and give her Seluvis’s Potion. You can either find her and give her the potion or check this guide to know what you can do with the potion.

After completing the first quest, Seluvis will become a merchant and he will have the following items at the Rise:

  • Carian Phalanx
  • Carian Retaliation
  • Glintstone Icecrag
  • Freezing Mist

After completing Ranni’s questline, you will find him dead at the tower and you can collect Seluvis’s Bell Bearing and Perceptor Set from his body. And if you climb the stairs behind him, then you will find the Memory Stone at the top of the tower.

That’s all from us on the Seluvis Rise location and how to get to it in Elden Ring. For more helpful guides like the Academy Scroll Location, make sure you visit our Elden Ring section.