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PlayStation 5 Hands-On Scheduled for Select Media & Influencers This Week in the UK, Insider Says

According to recent reports, the UK media and influencers will have the opportunity to lend a hand on the PlayStation 5 this week. This could indicate that we will soon have more details about the next-generation console of Sony on the horizon.

Even if Sony Interactive Entertainment remains silent about the market launch of the PlayStation 5, the release of the next-generation PlayStation is approaching with great strides.

According to recent reports, Sony Interactive Entertainment is said to have decided to give the media and influencers in the UK an opportunity this week to put their hands on the PlayStation 5 and see the new console for themselves. It goes without saying that this opportunity is associated with a so-called Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA for short) or a declaration of confidentiality.

It is unclear what term the confidentiality clauses have. Thus it cannot be estimated when the media will be allowed to speak openly about their impressions. We suspect, however, that it might not take too long, as Sony Interactive Entertainment may use Gamescom, which is taking place in a purely digital version this year (August 27 – August 30, 2020), to provide further details on the launch of the PS5.

During the course of today, we heard the rumor that the two PlayStation 5 models could be released on November 13, 2020. While the standard model of the PS5 is to be offered for $499 US dollars or euros, the insider Roberto Serrano, who is considered a reliable source, gives the price of the digital-only edition of the PlayStation 5 at $399 US dollars or euros.

As long as Sony Interactive Entertainment does not bring itself to finally ensure clarity, the current reports should of course be viewed with due precaution for the time being. Stay tuned for more information on this topic only on GamerTweak.com.