How To Easily Kill Boss Genichiro Ashina In Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Zero Error Tips To Kill The Boss

Genichiro Ashina is the same boss that rips your arm of at the beginning of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and the temptation of having your revenge of him is something that you will look forward to for the rest of the game. This guide will show you the easiest method to beat Genichiro Ashina.

First, off you will need to be really good at deflecting enemy attacks, all the bosses that you have fought before in the game leading up to this fight and by this time you should be exceptional to dodge and or deflect most of the attacks that come your way.

Also, make sure that you are stacked up on healing gourds and other items you need in your combat, you will require your entire arsenal with you so be prepared. Then with this, you will also need the Firecracker Prosthetic tool, this will come later in the fight.

How to Defeat Genichiro Ashina

The good thing about fighting Genichiro Ashina is that his posture fills up quite quickly as compared to other bosses, which means you can jump in land a couple of blows and get the hell out of his reach in no times, but you have to beware that his attacks are quite powerful and you will need to analyze his attack patterns as you battle.

He has 3 major types of attacks and Genichiro loves to come at you with a combination of these attacks so keep this in mind while taking him on.

His sweeping attacks are usually given away by the Red Kanji symbol that appears as a warning sign, be aware of this.

Genichiro is especially strong with his aerial attacks which will do major damage to you if you are not careful, he follows this up with a thrust attack. The Red Kanji symbol will flash on the string. Keep an eye out for this.

He likes to use his bow every time there is a bit of distance between you two, you can block these but they end up filling your posture meter.


  1. Try to corner him into a tight spot which will disable most of his attacks and you can deflect most of his attack and lay a few of your own at the same time.
  2. If you see him engaging in a sweeping attack, remember that you cannot block this but you can use the Mikiri counter. This comes in handy as it will fill his posture meter faster.
  3. Counter his aerial attacks with the Miriki counter as well, this will help you get the upper hand.
  4. Keep an eye on your health bar and use the healing gourds when in need.
  5. Once you have defeated him twice, he will transform into another character all together and you should be really careful here.
  6. This is the part where the Firecracker Prosthetic tool comes in use.
  7. As he transforms he will gain a new attack which can be devastating to you but you can deflect these by jumping up and using the Lighting Reversal this will not only deflect the attack but it bounces it off on to him and you can catch him off-guard.
  8. Use the Firecracker Prosthetic tool to distract him and try to get about three to four attacks on him, do not linger for longer in any form of him as he will retaliate strongly.
  9. Keep doing the above to defeat Genichiro Ashina and that is it. This is the easiest way to defeat Genichiro Ashina.

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