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Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Where to find Save Game Data Files

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice does not let players manually save the game as it features an auto-save feature which can be a bit of an issue as you will constantly be dying so this save data manipulation will be vital and this guide will show you Sekiro save file location, to help you manipulate the limitations.


Where to find Save Game Data Files

Sekiro save data location PC

First and foremost you will have to find the C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Sekiro location in your PC. Among the files, you will find the save data files as well. Make sure you copy everything into another folder beforehand to have a backup in case things go wrong. The game uses Steam cloud to save which you can easily manipulate in case things go wrong.

The App data folder will probably be hidden to make sure that users do no change the files, you will need to unhide these files and to do so you will need to enable the option.

Sekiro save data location Console

On a console the process is quite simple as compared to PC, you will just need to access the files as you would normally for every game and there is no need to unhide any files as the will be visible and you can modify them as per your need.


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