Sekiro Beginners Combat Tips and Tricks

Sekiro is a title where you could truly the game is more than meets the eye, you take on the role of Wolf, a samurai and your journey begins from there and takes you on a whole different level than you’d ever think.

The game has a lot to offer in terms of content, conflict, action, adventure, you name it and the game has it. Moreover, Sekiro introduces you to a new combat system which we will get to below.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice comes from the same developer who brought us titles like Dark Souls and the Bloodborne series which are known for tormenting their players with ultra difficulty levels which have also become one of their most salient features, but Sekiro differs a bit from the other titles.

Sekiro Beginners Tips And Tricks

In Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice you are on a mission to become a shinobi god and these tips and tricks below might help you.

Death and Ressurection

As with most From Software game, death takes a heavy toll on the players as they end up losing most of EXP gained along with almost everything else.

Although Sekiro functions the way, there is a silver lining to it, it is possible to resurrect when you die in the game but that costs you half of the XP and half of the Sen earned in the game.

You can come back to life in the game as long as you have at least one of the pink circle filled, but beware as there is a cooldown after you resurrect so make sure to keep an eye on it.

Receiving Unseen Aid

sekiro vitality

You can also come back to life and keep all your stuff, but for this, you will need Unseen Aid.

Getting Unseen Aid means you get to keep everything that you would normally end up losing as soon as you die, but the way Unseen Aid works is a bit tricky.

It is a roll of dice and the chances of receiving Unseen Aid, you will always keep on hoping of a higher percentage but it depends on how you play.

Rot Essence

You tend to receive ROT Essense after you die multiple times and the more you keep getting this means your Unseen Aid percentage falls down, decreasing your chances of keeping the things you had the more you die.


Though this game may not feature a ton of loot drops there is more than one reason to keep exploring the entire game, this will help you in gathering more information about the upcoming boss fights.

The more you explore the more you will know how to defeat your enemies, efficiently. Each and every enemy has a different weakness and it will benefit you the more you know about your enemies.

You get weapons or items that will help you in the quest ahead so make sure you leave no stone unturned.


sekiro 1

The combat system is divided into two sections, Vitality and Posture. Both these elements go hand in hand and you and your enemies will have a bar that shows the levels. Understanding this will take time but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be set to take on anyone that comes in your way.

Make sure that you mix up your offensive play and defensive and not to completely rely upon a single strategy as it will most definitely get you killed at the soonest.

Make sure to scan out the location before you engage into the fight and to get familiarized with the environment by scouting and learning as much as possible about the upcoming boss and by collecting different weapons.

Dealing a Deathblow almost always kills them but to larger enemies, you might have to do it over and over again before you kill them.

This new system does take time, but the more you play and understand the mechanics of the game the sooner you will be able to take advantage of this system to down your opponents.


This works like in most games and drains as and when you take damage, having a full bar denotes having full health and you will need to empty your enemy’s health bar before they do it to you.


Posture is a new element being introduced, it fills up as your block attacks or get grabbed by your enemies and when an enemy’s posture bar is full you can perform a Deathblow.


sekiro 2

Making a plan is of great importance, if you run headfirst into every battle it will surely end up in a defeat and to work your way around it, start by taking out the smaller level bosses like guards or archers and work your way around to the top.

Make sure that you have considered all your options and know how to navigate around a plan and change it, it seems too much but this, in fact, adds to the gameplay as you painstakingly will become a truly great warrior, pay attention to the hints, and the conversation that people have will reveal vital information which will help you get better in the game.

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