Sekiro – How To Kill Lady Butterfly In Hirata Estate

Instant Tips To Kill The Boss Easily

Boss fights in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice are just as haunting in any other game form the same developer, a particular boss named Lady Butterfly is one of the toughest boss and this guide will show you how to defeat Lady Butterfly in Sekiro.

How to defeat Lady Butterfly

Before you get into the fight, you probably will need a few things in your inventory to make sure you succeed in this duel, Lady Butterfly is one of the most menacing bosses in the game and with the right items you can stand a chance to defeat her in your first attempt.

Gather as many healing items as you can and learn to block and deflect projectiles as you will be dealing with these things a lot.

Nightjar Slash

It is recommended that you unlock and equip this skill before you think about engaging into battle with Lady Butterfly, for you will need to acquire the mechanical barrel and once you have all these things you can head into the battle with Lady Butterfly.


She will start commencing with sweeping attacks and a couple of shurikens at you, this is the perfect opportunity to defect these attacks which will cause serious damage to her health and her posture. This will put her in a stun lock but beware as she can break out of it.

If she does break from it, make sure you are ready to dodge her attacks as her blows can be devastating, look for the sign and if she is in the air dodge quickly as she will follow up with a grapple attack. Keep this going on dodging and deflecting her attacks.

Keep an eye out for the danger sign, it notifies that the boss is ready to strike at you and you need to be aware of the position of the boss to dodge out of danger.

As you take her down for the first time by stabbing her, she will vanish and begin a dialogue sequence. This is your chance to move up to the statue, catch her off guard and this will be your strategy going forward.

She will keep summoning her illusions which you can break by using your items, try hiding a safe spot behind a pillar and let the pillar take the projectile damage. Keep stun-locking her as much as you can, this is the easiest way to keep yourself safe and defeat her.

As you drain her vitality and fill her posture bar eventually you will get the Shinobi Execution sign, take her down and you will have defeated the Lady Butterfly boss.

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