Seigou Barter Price Genshin Impact (Negotiation Guide)

What's the right barter price for Seigou in Genshin Impact? Find out here.

During the Buyer’s Guide to the Statue of Her Excellency, the Almighty Narukami Ogosho, God of Thunder quest (Irodori Festival Deeds Part 3), players will be asked to “Pretend to be a potential buyer and stall for time”. Here, you will meet Seigou, who will tell you that he doesn’t take new business except for referrals by existing customers. After a few dialogues, it will be time to barter with Seigou in Genshin Impact and set a price that will make him happy. Here’s how to go about the negotiation.

Genshin Impact Seigou Barter Price (Negotiation)

festival deeds part 3 seigou

  • Choose the option of “Can you give me a little discount?” and then you will be taken to the bartering screen.
  • Players need to check out Seigou’s mood (number of hearts) on the left side. Then, you must offer a price of Mora that you are willing to pay. If it makes him sad, the number of hearts will reduce and the deal will fall through.
  • You can see the amount of Mora you own on the window on the right side. By default, it will be set to the highest number. Use the slider to change the amount.
  • Choose a price and click on Confirm.

buyers guide to the statue

  • The Seigou barter price can start from around 150000 and above. Anything less will make him annoyed. Some players have started with an offer of around 140500 only to get the response of “At that price, why don’t you just ask me to give it to you for free?” But if it’s around the amount mentioned above, the deal will be accepted by him.

That’s all about the barter price for Seigou in Genshin Impact’s Festival Deeds: Part III. If you’d also like to know the locations of Inazuman regional animals, the steps to complete the Firmiana Leaf Falls quest, Irodori Poetry part 3 and more, we’ve got all of this information in our Genshin Impact guides section.