Sega Could Announce New Super Monkey Ball This Month, According To Voice Actor

In June there was some news of a possible return of Super Monkey Ball with a third chapter or a Retro version anticipated by one of the most iconic voice actors of the SEGA series, Brian Matt. And again he, this time, may have revealed when a new game in the series will be announced.

Brian Matt, on his Instagram profile, has recently published a photograph of him playing Super Monkey Ball on a Nintendo Switch, but this is not the interesting thing actually. “Playing a friend’s Switch. SuperMonkeyBall of course! I need to stop shouting out “Ready, Go!” You all understand,” he wrote in the post.

At the end of the caption accompanying the image, you can read “September will be amazing for what’s to come,” suggesting that SEGA is ready to bring a new game in the series back in the future, with an announcement scheduled for this month that could happen at the Tokyo Game Show 2020.

In a previous post regarding the closure of Sega’s arcade in Akihabara, Brian wrote: “Akihabara arcade closing which means that the flow goes to Super Monkey Ball X. This month the ground will shake. Stay tuned!”

Last year, a remake of Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz appeared on consoles. Furthermore, it has been fairly quiet around the franchise in recent years. In all of these games, players move the platform levels so that a monkey in a ball rolls in the correct direction. The games were especially popular in the arcade and on the GameCube.

At this point, it seems that the announcement of a new Super Monkey Ball game is pretty much inevitable.