Can Twitch Streamers See Who Is Watching? (Answered)

Wondering if your favorite streamer read your comment? Check out our guide that answers if Twitch streamers can see who is watching their Stream or not.

Twitch is an incredible platform for viewers and streamers to engage with each other. At times, it can be slightly confusing for streamers to know particular viewers. If you have started streaming on Twitch recently, checking your viewers can be a bit tricky too. The increasing view count or viewers can add to this confusion as it will be more difficult to track them. But can Twitch streamers see who is watching their stream? Check out our guide to find out.

Can Twitch Streamers See Who is Watching

The answer to this question is Yes but technically also No. That’s because Twitch streamers can see their viewers only if they have logged in with their Twitch account. But on the contrary, there’s no way to see or track a viewer watching a stream without a Twitch account.

twitch streamers see watching

However, there are many ways to check the viewers that have logged in from their Twitch account. Here are all the methods for Twitch streamers to see who is watching their streams:

Users in the Chat

You can use this feature to track who is watching your Twitch stream. For that, all you need to do is head to the “Users in the Chat” option under the Chat section. But take note that even the viewers can see other viewers using this feature. Furthermore, you can also refresh your list to track more stream viewers.

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Viewer Count

While this option does not show you, specific viewers, it shows the total count of all the live stream-viewers. You can find the Viewer count feature below the Twitch stream itself. If you have massive viewers, this option can easily track your count.

Using Twitch Mobile

You can also see your viewers by using Twitch on mobile. As soon as you start with your Twitch stream, you can see the total Viewer count below the Stream. In addition to that, you can also check specific viewers using the “Users in the Chat” option. For that, you need to hit the Viewer count option. Similar to the above ways, the live viewers on your Twitch stream also have access to both features.

twitch streamers see watching

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