Realm Grinder Secret Trophies Guide – Clues to Unlock Trophies

By Raaj
8 Min Read

Realm Grinder is about growing your king, building alliances, and exploring the vast region to find the best resources. You can use your money and influence to grow your kingdom from a single farm to a huge kingdom. And while doing this all why not unlock some Realm Grinder Trophies? It is a part of a process and most of the trophies are hidden. I will share all the clues that will help you to unlock each Realm Grinder Trophy one by one.

All Realm Grinder Hidden Trophies Clues and Hints

Watch out for spoilers, the clues have some reveals about the game plot. You can bookmark this guide and visit back again. Some trophies will be unlocked as you proceed with the missions, while some have special requirements.

  1. Leet – Play the game and have 1137 Coins exactly at any given time.
  2. Unitary – Have exactly 1 of each type of building at any given time in Real Grinder.
  3. Grand Diplomat  – Ally with Vanilla, Neutral and Prestige faction at least one time.
  4. Exchange Master – Buy 500 Royal Exchanges in one game.
  5. Lucky Neutral – Spend around 5 days 9 hours and 37 minutes being neutral. Approx 7777 minutes.
  6. Perfectly Good – Spend 13 days and 21 hours is good. Approx 333 hours.
  7. Diabolical Evil – Spend 6 days, 66 hours, 666 minutes, and 666666 seconds being Evil. This is approx 16 days, 22 Hours, 17 Minutes, and 6 Seconds.
  8. Assistant Squasher – Click around 100 times on little assistant above your realm.
  9. Rewind – Abdicate after producing at least 1 Oc Coins (1e27).
  10. Faction Grinder – Buy all Vanilla Upgrades, then buy all upgrades after unlocking all Champion Trophies. And buy all Vanilla Heritage upgrades in one game.
  11. Master Archaeologist – Unlock Neutral Factions first, and discover all relics of Ancient Races, Titans Druids and Faceless.
  12. Spellfury – Cast a lot of spells at one time, Cast Tax Collection while having 3 active spells.
  13. Speed Run – Earn money fast and do not use Buy All Upgrades. Use upgrades you want except for one and reach 1M Coins within 5 minutes using Gem Power.
  14. Equality – Play for 3 days, and play all 3 alignments for same days. Have less 1 minute of difference for the 3 alignments.
  15. Beard Carpet – Have at least around 3km beards on dwarfs assistants.
  16. Premeditation – Build around 850 Dark Temples on a single run before allying with the Drow.
  17. Fast Forward – Get 88 hours of offline time.
  18. Need a Head Start – Do not do anything for 5 minutes after starting the game.
  19. Real Digger  – Excavate around 400 times.
  20. Harlequin – As a Mercenary buy one upgrade from every 11 different factions.
  21. Lucifer  – Play as a Good Mercenary and buy only Evil Mercenary faction upgrades. or play as an Evil Mercenary and buy Good Mercenary faction upgrades.
  22. Mathematician – Buy the number of buildings that represent a mathematical equation. Have building exactly equal to 2x the lower building. Here is the pattern, 1024 Farms, 512 Inns, 256 Blacksmiths, 128, 64, 32, 16, 8, 4, 2, and 1 Hall of Legends.
  23. Mercenary Spirit – Reincarnate while playing as Mercenary.
  24. Bloodstream – Reach R7 and buy faction upgrades for each faction. Do not unlock Faction Bloodline, while unlocking all Vanilla, Neutral, Prestige Bloodlines excluding Dragon.
  25. Unlimited Mana – Have a mana regeneration at the rate of 300 mana per second.
  26. For Science – Wait to reach R16 and purchase all Vanilla Research Facilities.
  27. Novice Researcher – Wait to reach R16 and research for 600 times across all fields.
  28. Exchange Lord – Buy 1500 Royal Exchange in a single game.
  29. Magician – Wait until R16 and discover 10 Spell-craft Researches.
  30. Artisan – Wait until R16 and discover 10 Craftsmanship Researches.
  31. Demigo – Wait until R16 and discover 10 Divine Researches.
  32. Businessman – Wait until R16 and discover 10 Economic Researches.
  33. Apothecary – Wait until R16 and discover 10 Alchemy Researches.
  34. Warlord – Wait until R16 and discover 10 Warfare Researches.
  35. Vanilla Researcher – Wait until R16 and discover all Vanilla Faction Researches.
  36. Vanilla Challenger – Wait until R18 and complete all Vanilla Challenges.
  37. Neutral Challenger – Wait until R25 and complete all Neutral Challenges.
  38. Faction Run – Do not use Buy All Upgrades, excavations, Spell and Gem Power. Reach 1M Faction Coins in less 5 minutes without using Gem Power, Excavations, or spell.
  39. Intermediate Researcher  – Wait until R16, research 1800 times across all fields.
  40. Ancient Researcher  – Wait until R20, research 1Novg gems in Reincarnation without affiliating with Mercenaries.
  41. Excavated Quickly – Excavate 1000 times in the first 30 seconds of playtime.
  42. glho kohhl snod – Go to Options and click on import. Type glho kohhl snod and click on Import.
  43. Mana Matrix – Have 4767 max mana.
  44. Suggestion Master  – Go to Options > version number and open the change log. Stay there for 3 minutes.
  45. Rule ‘dis – Abdicate 10 times within 3 minutes.
  46. Because I Like to Grind – Spend minimum 3 hours playing a single game.
  47. Stoic Resistance – Wait until R30 and reach the amount of gem required for Reincarnation without abdicating since the start of new Reincarnation.
  48. Van!shment – Reach offline bonus for at least 1e15%.
  49. Iron Rush – Do not use Gem and Reincarnation power. Easier after R40 and you must try Stoic Resistance First. Reach 750 Strongholds without using Gem and Reincarnation power within 5 minutes of new game.
  50. Colorful Auto-casting – Wait till R40 and you will need Speed Tier. Have each type of auto-casting active simultaneously.
  51. Advisor Insight – Click the hint button 100 times.
  52. Helden Sterben Nicht – Translate the name of trophy if you do not speak German. If translating in English use the words in order. Use three factions in right order within 15 minutes. Factions are Angels, Mercenaries and Undead (Alphabetical Order). Join Mercenaries, Undead and the Angels within 15 minutes since the start of new run.
  53. Mana Waste – Have Mana Regeneration higher than Mana.

The guide will be updated as soon as we work on Real Grinder Trophies. Till we found anything new use the above clues to unlock all hidden trophies of Realm Grinder.