Secret Neighbor Will Release on April 29 for PS4 & iOS

The co-op adventure Secret Neighbor will release on PlayStation 4 and iOS next month. The release date was announced today with a trailer.

The publisher tinyBuild Games has announced that the multiplayer horror game Secret Neighbor will soon be available for PlayStation 4 and iOS. The launch will therefore take place on April 29, 2021. A time-exclusive release for PC and Xbox One took place a long time ago. The Nintendo Switch version is to be supplied in summer 2021.

The events of Secret Neighbor take place between Act 1 and Act 2 of Hello Neighbor. A group of children are faced with the task of breaking into the suspicious neighbor’s cellar. The goal is to save her missing friend.

There is a problem with that because one of the children is a traitor. It’s the neighbor in disguise. His job is to win the trust of the other players and to defeat them. When the kids reach the basement, they win. Ultimately, the players have different goals:

In the role of a child:

  • Collect keys
  • Saving friends from the neighbor
  • Cooperate without trusting too much

In the role of the neighbor:

  • Separate, frighten and confuse intruders in the house.
  • Use tools to gain an advantage over the children’s team.
  • Gain the trust of your opponents and attack at the right moment
  • Defend the basement

What sounds like a fun gameplay, wasn’t always convincing in the end. Check the announcement trailer of the game below.