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How to Unlock GamePlus – NieR Replicant Ending Guide

Want to know what is after the NieR Replicant climax then read this guide.

NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139 has some secrets, a brand new story content is hiding behind the ending. If you are going to put a lot of timing into completing this game then don’t be sad. There is still more to play, as you are done with the campaign you can unlock a new story content and get some more fun. In this NieR Replicant Ending Guide, I will help you with the same.

How to Unlock new Story Content after NieR Replicant Ending Guide?


Nier Replicant Multiple Ending Guide

First, it is not that easy to reach the game-ending, it is going to take a very long time. If you are familiar with the Neir game then there are tons of objectives and boss fights until you reach the final part of the game. At the end of this game, you will get a chance to unlock Ending E in NieR Replicant.

NieR Replicant’s story is divided into different parts. Completing them will let you complete one cycle. Then you can restart and play in the new story. To unlocking Ending E you will have to complete the game three times. When you start it the fourth time you will get the new story content.


With this, you will have to find all 30 weapons in the game. Once you are done playing this game three times and unlocking all the weapons then the last thing to do is delete the save game file. And done, the next time you start you will get chances to play the new story content. Complete the game three times and Unlock Ending A, B, and D.

Here is a step-by-step summary.

  1. Ending A – Complete the game one time.
  2. Ending B – Complete the game a second time with the previous save.
  3. Ending D – Replay the game with the previous save and collect all 30 Weapons. Fight the main boss and then delete the saved files.


If you complete all the side-quest and check the stores regularly you will find all the weapons in NieR Replicant. This will help you to unlock Ending D in the game. Finding all the weapons is a challenge in the game but to help here is the list of all weapons and where exactly you can find them.

  1. Nameless Blade: Unlocks by default.
  2. Kusanagi: Unlocks by default in Part 2.
  3. Transience: Unlocks by default in Part 2.
  4. Nirvana Dagger: Lost Shrine.
  5. Beastlord: Revisit Lost Shrine before the boss fight.
  6. Devil Queen: Lost Shrine.
  7. Phoenix Sword: Shadowlord’s Castle.
  8. Blade of Treachery: Haunted Manor.
  9. Fang of the Twins: Haunted Manor Laboratory Level 1.
  10. Beastcurse: Junk Heap.
  11. Dragoon Lance: Shadowlord’s Castle.
  12. Moonrise: Rescue Southern Plain Guards.
  13. Rebirth: Reward from Prince of Facade.
  14. Ancient Overlord: Reward from Prince of Facade.
  15. Faith: Reward from Mayor of the Forest Myth.
  16. Iron Will: Reward from Gideon.
  17. Iron Pipe:The Magical Stone Side Quest Reward.
  18. Labyrinth’s Whisper: A Bridge In Peril Side Quest Reward.
  19. Labyrinth’s Song: Disturbing the Sleep of Kings Side Quest Reward.
  20. Labyrinth’s Shout: The Damaged Map Side Quest Reward.
  21. Lily-Leaf Sword: Buy for 2400 Gold from Blacksmith.
  22. Earth Wyrm’s Claw: Buy for 8400 Gold from Blacksmith.
  23. Beastbain: Buy for 16,800 Gold from Blacksmith.
  24. Phoenix Dagger: Buy for 31,200 Gold from Seafront Blacksmith.
  25. Spear of the Usurper: Buy for 21,600 Gold from Seafront Blacksmith.
  26. Axe of Beheading: Buy for 19,200 Gold from Blacksmith.
  27. Vile Axe: Buy for 21,600 Gold from Blacksmith.
  28. Sunrise: Buy for 21,600 Gold from Blacksmith.
  29. Captain’s Holy Spear: Buy for 30,000 Gold from Facade Blacksmith.
  30. Phoenix Spear: Buy for 32,400 Gold from Facade Blacksmith.

Make sure you follow all the steps above to unlock multiple endings of NieR Replicant and reach the new GamePlus content. Till then you check out NieR Replicant category to learn some cool tips and tricks about this game.