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How to get Secret Super Cars in Mafia Definitive Edition?

There are five hidden cars in the game, they are Manta Prototype, Trautenberg Sport, Disorder, Lassiter V16 Appolyon and Crazy Horse. Here is a guide on how to unlock them all.

Mafia Definitive Edition has some secrets, like a hidden car. With five cars is hidden two secret missions you can unlock them following the tips in this guide. It is worth to chase these rare car models. I am going to share all the car details and how to unlock them one by one. So let’s begin.


How many secret cars are there in Mafia Definitive Edition?

There are five hidden cars in the game. They are Manta Prototype, Trautenberg Sport, Disorder, Lassiter V16 Appolyon, and Crazy Horse. Some are hidden into a garage while some are attached to an objective. All five cars are easy to unlock, just follow the guidelines below.

How to unlock Manta Prototype Car?

Manta Prototype is stored in a garage. The garage is locked and required a secret card. I will share with you the location of both the car and the secret card. First, the car is in the building on the northeast of the rail station block. To enter climb the crates to enter the next area which has more crates. Make your way up through the crates to reach a grey metal garage. Smash the door to get the car. The secret card goes to the central rail station block in the works quarter.

How to unlock Trautenberg Sport?

From the map track down Eat River. Look through the waterfront facing the river and follow the building. Clear out the crates and climb up to reach the garage in the next building. The car is hidden in the garage. The card to unlock the secret car is in Waterfront Downtown.


How to unlock Disorder?

Disorder is located on the east side of Lake Flyer. Follow the road to the east from Fyer Dam. Look for a hotel type building with an umbrella at the entrance. Go to the backside of the building and search for a shed. The car is inside the shed, you found the third secret car in Mafia Definitive Edition.

How to unlock Lassiter V16 Appolyon?

On the map look for Beech hill, the car is on the eastern side of this region. Look for the word Hill on the map, the car is hidden in one of the houses in the area that has a garage. It is best to focus on the map to locate the word Hill if you found that you found the car.

How to unlock Crazy Horse?


Crazy Horse is the reward for completing the Crazy Horse mission. The objective is to reach a location without damaging the car. To unlock this mission go to the west side of Little Italy and interact with the ringing phone. Complete the mission to unlock the fifth hidden car in Mafia Definitive Edition.

You can add all the hidden cars in your collection and use them while playing different missions.