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Secret Achievements & Trophies in Borderlands 3

Hidden Trophies

Achievements are what drives a lot of hardcore gamers to achieve the best of what games offer, these little trophies make up as milestones to the hard-fought battles of gamers around the world, beating the bigger and stronger enemies.

Borderlands 3 similarly has tons of achievements to offer and while some are easy to find, there are plenty of trophies which are hidden and you may or may not accidentally find them on your own. This guide will show you all the secret achievements and trophies in Borderlands 3.


Secret Achievements & Trophies in Borderlands 3

To achieve most of these secret trophies you will have to get them in the game campaign while some can be found in the weirdest places.

Gold Trophies:

  • Damn, Gina – Get all Vault Rewards (50 GS, Gold)
  • Bye, Felicia! – Complete mission “Divine Retribution” (50 GS, Gold)

Silver Trophy:

  • Exoarchaeolo – Discover all named locations on Nekrotafeyo (30 GS, Silver)

Bronze Trophy:

  • Florida Man – Down yourself with your own grenade or explosion (10 GS, Bronze)
  • Stay Golden – Use a Golden Key (15 GS, Bronze)
  • NOG It Off – Complete mission “Hostile Takeover” (10 GS, Bronze)
  • I Mustache You A Question – Complete mission “Atlas, At Last” (10 GS, Bronze)
  • Gone From My Sight – Complete mission “Beneath the Meridian” (10 GS, Bronze)
  • That Was Gold – Complete mission “Lair of the Harpy” (10 GS, Bronze)
  • Heir To An Empty Castle – Complete mission “Cold as the Grave” (10 GS, Bronze)
  • Cross The Streamers – Complete mission “Blood Drive” (10 GS, Bronze)
  • Apocalypso! – Complete mission “The Great Vault” (10 GS, Bronze)
  • I Am A Goddess, A Glorious Female Warrior – Complete mission “In the Shadow of Starlight” (10 GS, Bronze)
  • Welcome to the Crimson Raiders – Complete mission “Children of the Vault” (10 GS, Bronze)
  • So Long, Pandora! – Complete mission “Taking Flight” (10 GS, Bronze)

This is all there is to know about secret achievements and trophies in Borderlands 3.