Inside Xbox: Get Ready to Kill Mutant Dinosaurs in Second Extinction

Gotta kill 'em all

Move over, Barney.

This isn’t your usual save-the-dinosaurs fest, this is all about evil dinosaurs. And oh, they are also mutants. This is Second Extinction, a game by Systemic Reaction which was announced today during the Inside Xbox Live event.

Second Extinction is a three-player co-op shooter that’s coming for the new Xbox Series X console. In this beast of a game, you can play with friends and work together to kill all the savage dinosaurs. The scenario is something like this – Earth has been taken over by nasty mutant dinosaurs and humans must wipe them out. Players will be chased by bloodthirsty mutated dinos in some sweet fast-paced action, as shown in the trailer. Check it out here:

This dynamic game will need you to join forces with your friends and make your way through life-threatening extraction if you want to stay alive. You will have the option of buying new weapons and upgrading them as well.

In Second Extinction, every dinosaur has different traits which needs special combat techniques. Their mutations differ and so does their intelligence level. Players will discover more about them throughout the upcoming campaigns. The game uses the APEX engine but instead of being open world, it’s more of a Big Map.

From what we know until now, it’s going to be a party of claws, blood, teeth and a whole lot of fun. Stay with GamerTweak for more latest updates.