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What Are The Best Season 1 Rewards In Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Season One rewards in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout brings tons of cosmetic and visual changes. Check out all about the best rewards in Fall Guys

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Season 1 rewards are as crazy as the game itself. Season 1 is here and it brings a new type of battle royale that we never knew we wanted. If you want to know about Season 1 rewards, you’ve come to the right place.

What Are The Season 1 Rewards In Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout


On the surface Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout looks like an adorable TV show where players go through different levels until only one survives. The challenges look harmless but when you jump into the game, you will know just how difficult things can be.

The best thing is that the rewards in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is that you will earn rewards as level up in the game. To level up you will need to earn FAME and you can do this by playing more and more of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. There are all sorts of things as rewards in Fall Guys and you can check them out here.

Level      Name                                  Type


2             500 Kudos                          Currency

3             Bubblegum                         Color

4             Cells                                     Pattern


5             1 Crowns                            Currency

6             Pigeon                                 Costume (Lower)

7             Raspberry                           Color


8             Squiggly Camo                 Pattern

9             Pigeon                                 Costume (Upper)

10           1000 Kudos                       Currency

11           Coo-ey!                               Emote

12           Topology                            Pattern

13           Rookie                                Costume (Lower)

14           1500 Kudos                       Currency

15           Citrus Blast                      Color

16           Rookie                                Costume

17           Yeller                                   Faceplate

18           2500 Kudos                      Currency

19           Hot Dog                              Costume

20           1 Crowns                            Currency

21           Steel                                      Color

22           Hot Dog                               Costume (Lower)

23           3500 Kudos                      Currency

24           Rainbow Water               Color

25           Chicken                              Costume (Lower)

26           Paint Dipped                    Pattern

27           Night Sky                           Color

28           Chicken                              Costume (Upper)

29           4500 Kudos                      Currency

30           Pirate Jig                          Emote

31           Hunter                                 Pattern

32           1 Crowns                            Currency

33           Hunter                                Costume (Lower)

34           Ocean Dreams                Color

35           Baby Blue                          Faceplate

36           Hunter                                Costume (Upper)

37           Zebra Stripes                  Pattern

38           6000 Kudos                     Currency

39           Pirate                                 Pattern

40           Jack in a Box                  Celebration

While the game has only launched recently, each season will hopefully bring new challenges and rewards. As of right now, each season in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout will last for two months. Players can level up to level 40 as this is the max that you can get in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. This is all there is to know about all the season 1 rewards in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Make sure to check out how many players can you have in a party here too.