How To Fix Strawberrybeard Error In Sea Of Thieves?

Read this guide to learn how to fix the Strawberrybeard error in Sea of Thieves.

Players of Sea of Thieves have recently chanced upon the Strawberrybeard error code. The said code also comes with a message that conveys how the game’s services are unavailable, and the player will have to try again. This annoying issue results in players not getting to play their favorite game. The Strawberrybeard error has also gained a bit of a reputation, having been around and troubling players ever since the launch of the game. If you are one of those players who are currently facing this issue and are struggling to work your way around it, we have got just the guide for you. Here, we will check if there are any solutions to this issue, and if yes, what are the different fixes you can try to solve the bug.

Sea of Thieves Strawberrybeard & Server Error Fix (100% Working)


Check your Internet Connection to fix Strawberrybeard Error in Sea of Thieves

Before you proceed with any other steps to fix the Strawberrybeard error, we recommend you check your internet connection. If you notice that your internet is malfunctioning, you should try and switch to another alternative network. Once you do so, check to see if the Strawberrybeard error still occurs in Sea of Thieves. If it does, we recommend you keep reading this guide to look for other potential fixes.

Restart Sea of Thieves

Next, try a simple restart of the Sea of Thieves app. After you do so, check to see if the Strawberrybeard error still occurs. If it does, keep reading this guide for other potential solutions.

Check for updates

The next step you need to take is to check for Sea of Thieves updates. If you do find any updates, we recommend you immediately download them. Updated versions of games and apps can often correct bugs and errors. It is important to therefore make sure you have the latest version of Sea of Thieves so that errors like the Strawberrybeard do not occur.

Additionally, we also recommend you take a look at the Sea of Thieves Official Twitter page. Here, you will be able to see the latest news and developments from the game. You will also be able to find other players who may be facing the same issues as you.

Restart your Device

Depending on the platform you use to play Sea of Thieves, the process may differ, but a simple restart can probably work to solve the Strawberrybeard error. Once you restart your device, try to relaunch Sea of Thieves and check if the Strawberrybeard error still persists. If it still does, keep reading this guide for other possible solutions.

Re-install Sea of Thieves

The next step you can take is to simply uninstall and then re-install Sea of Thieves. Once you do, try to check if the error still occurs. There is a decent chance that the issue should not occur again after this step. However, before you go ahead and uninstall Sea of Thieves, we need to warn you. Doing so can result in a loss of important data and game progress. Because of this, we recommend you make sure to have a backup of your progress.

And that’s it. These are all of the possible fixes for the Strawberrybeard error in Sea of Thieves. As you can see, since this issue is caused by the game itself, you might have no other option but to just wait and see what the developers do about it. Considering how often this error has occurred in the past, you can expect a quick fix.

Until then, we recommend you take a look at our guide on the Sea of Thieves Fireworks.