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Sea Of Thieves Voice Chat Not Working: How To Fix

Learn how to Fix the Sea of Thieves Voice Chat not working problem by changing the Microphone settings and re-launching the game.

Sea of Thieves seems to have a Voice Chat not working issue. This is a bummer as you cannot connect with your friends. However, there are a few fixes for it across the various platforms the game is on. So, scroll down below and find out all the solutions for the Voice Chat not working error.


How to fix Voice Chat not working error in Sea Of Thieves?

  • Close the Sea of Thieves game entirely.
  • Now, on your desktop click on the Start Button.
  • In the search bar below type “Privacy” without the quotation marks.
  • Click and open the Privacy settings.
  • Once that menu opens, select “Microphone Privacy Settings” from the given results.
  • Now, on the left of the new screen, you will be able to see a “Microphone” option.
  • Click on this and another pop-up will open.
  • Under the “Let apps use my microphone” option, ensure that the toggle is set to On.
  • After this, scroll down in the list of apps below that toggle and search for “Sea of Thieves” and “Sea of Thieves Insider”.
  • Make sure that the toggles for these apps are also set to On.
  • Now, launch Sea of Thieves again, preferably as an Administrator, and try chatting with your crew.
  • This should have successfully fixed the voice chat not working issue in Sea of Thieves.

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Sea Of Thieves Voice Chat Not Working Solution Fix

How to fix Voice Chat error on Xbox?

  • Unplug your headset and then reconnect it.
  • Make sure that your microphone is not muted.
  • Also, ensure that neither you nor the person you want to communicate with is using Party Chat.

Some of the other basic things that you can do are given below:

  • Make sure that your hardware is properly functional.
  • Also, check your privacy settings and check if microphone usability has been allowed.

This is everything you need to know about how to fix the Sea of Thieves Voice Chat not working issue. Now that you are here find out how to get the Siren Heart in the game.