How To Get Poor Dougie’s Key & Medallion In Sea Of Thieves

Check out how you can get Poor Dougie's Key & Medallion in Sea of Thieves with this guide.

The Pirates of the Caribbean crossover event in Sea of Thieves has brought about a variety of content to the game. Poor Dougie and his treasure chest key form the beginning of the five Tall Tales quests in the game. In this article, we will show you how to get Poor Dougie’s key and his medallion. This key helps players get the Treasure for the Dead commendation.

How to find Poor Dougie’s Key & Medallion in Sea of Thieves?

poor dougie sea of thieves

Check out the steps below to see how you can get Poor Dougie’s Key and Medallion in Sea of Thieves.

  • To find Poor Dougie’s key, you will first have to go back to the split shipwreck.
  • If you head to the side of the ship that leads to the broken cave and hull, you will find a wooden path that leads to a door.
  • Open this door. Here, you will find a skeleton on a bed dressed in pajamas along with a flight of stairs.
  • In this room, you will find a pulley. Pulling on it will reveal a skeleton with a magnifying glass.
  • You will now have to head up the stairs, where you will find three lanterns that you will have to light up.
  • Lighting the lanterns will enable you to use the magnifying glass to move the skeletons arm.
  • Moving the skeletons arm will help reveal the location of Poor Dougie’s treasure.
  • This treasure is located close to the entrance of the shipwrecked tavern.
  • You will need to take this chest to Poor Dougie. In exchange, he will hand you the keys to open it.

how to get poor dougies key in sea of thieves

  • Upon opening the treasure chest, you will find Poor Dougie’s Medallion.

how to find poor dougies medallion sea of thieves

  • You will only need to use this Medallion once you find Captain Bones’ Special Recipe.

Following these simple steps will lead you to get Poor Dougie’s key in Sea of Thieves. As you now know, finding the key is pretty easy and you can acquire it quite easily.

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