Sea Ganoderma Locations In Genshin Impact

Here is a location guide on Sea Ganoderma in Genshin Impact.

Sea Ganoderma is an ascension item that has been introduced in the game.  It is an ascension material for Kaedehara Kazuha. There are 50+ Sea Ganoderma and counting so here are the best locations to get Sea Ganoderma in Genshin Impact.

Sea Ganoderma in Genshin Impact (All Locations)

This is the Golden Apple Archipelago map with every Sea Ganoderma location mapped on it. There are a total of 57 of these to collect spread across the map. And as the name hints, they are usually in and around water bodies.

All Locations

Pudding Isle Locations

Below marked are some of the prominent locations of Pudding Island where you can start searching for the Sea Ganoderma and progress further.

Pudding Isle

Pudding Isle Location 2

Pudding Island 3

Twinning Isle Locations

Twinning Isle Location has the Sea Ganoderma spread out on different parts of the isle so players will have to spend some time exploring the locations.

Twinning Isle

Twinning Isle 2

Twinning Isle 3

Twinning Isle 4

Twinning Isle 5

Unknown Isle Locations

This unnamed isle is on the northwest side of the Twinning Isle and you would find a couple of Sea Ganoderma very easily out here.

Unknown Location

Broken Isle Locations

Broken Isle can reward you with a good amount of Sea Ganoderma, however, it is not easy picking. On this isle, you will find Hilichurls in your way and you may have to fight a couple of them to collect the items.

Broken Isle 2

Broken Isle 3 Sea Ganoderma Locations Genshin Impact

Broken Isle 4 Sea Ganoderma Locations Genshin Impact

Minacious Isle Locations

Lastly, Minacious Isle in Genshin Impact is pretty easy and you will find some more Sea Ganoderma easily.

Sea Ganoderma Locations Genshin Impact

Sea Ganoderma Locations Genshin Impact

How to Farm Sea Ganoderma?

To fully level up Kazuha, you need 168 Sea Ganoderma in Genshin Impact. This requires players to farm for this material. Once all are collected from all the locations, you will have to wait for two days in order for them to respawn. Then you can simply go to the exact same places marked on the map that you went before and collect the items again.

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