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How To See Minecraft Screenshots | Save Location

Know where to find the Minecraft Screenshot folder and where the Screenshots are saved.

There are multiple reasons why you would want to take a screenshot in Minecraft and when you do, you would want to know where are the screenshots saved. It can be a bit confusing to find them, especially for beginners. Don’t worry, you can find out the location of the Screenshots folder through this quick guide.

Where to See Minecraft Screenshots Folder Location on Windows, macOS and Linux


Follow these paths to know where your Minecraft Screenshots are saved.

  • Windows PC users can find their saved screenshots in the Minecraft folder named Screenshots. Locate the .minecraft\screenshots within AppData/Roaming folder. All you have to do to access it is type: %appdata%\.minecraft\screenshots in the address bar of File Explorer.
  • MacOS users can locate their Minecraft Screenshots in ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/screenshots.
  • Linux users can find their saved screenshots in ~/.minecraft/screenshots.
  • If you use the Windows 10 version of Minecraft Bedrock edition, the default location where your screenshots are saved is C:\Users\Your Username\Videos\Captures.

minecraft screenshots folder location windows mac linux


How to Take Screenshots in Minecraft

If you are not sure how to take screenshots in Minecraft, here are the buttons you need to press:

  • Windows PC: Press F2. You can also press Windows + G and then choose the Camera button.
    • Windows 10: Windows key + Print Screen button on your keyboard.
  • Mac: Press CMD + SHIFT + 4 on your keyboard.


So, that’s all there is to know about how to take screenshots and where the Minecraft screenshots are saved on Windows, MacOS and Linux PCs. Go ahead and share them with your friends or on social media – the Minecraft community is especially active on Reddit.

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