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Controls Guide For SCP: Secret Laboratory Controls (PC)

This SCP: Secret Laboratory controls guide will show you all the important PC Keyboard Controls you need to play this game.

In SCP: Secret Laboratory, you have to deal with a containment breach where various dangerous anomalies have escaped. It is a multiplayer horror game where you can take on the role of a site personnel, a re-containment agent or even become the anomalous entity. This is quite a thrilling game where you can either regain your control of the facility or escape it. If you are looking for SCP: Secret Laboratory PC controls, then you are in luck because we have listed them all for you right here.

SCP: Secret Laboratory Controls (PC)


  • Shoot – Mouse0
  • Zoom – Mouse1
  • W – Go Forward
  • S – Go Backward
  • A – Go Left
  • D – Go Right
  • Jump – Space
  • Action Button – E
  • Reload – R
  • Voice Chat – Q
  • 939’s speech – V
  • To sneakily move around without making a sound – C
  • You can Run with Left Shift, but that means you will make a lot of sound.
  • To toggle the console (Remote Admin) – M
  • Quickly see the player List – N
  • If you have a Flashlight, you can toggle it with F
  • Look through shelves – Hold E
  • Access your Inventory – Tab
  • Open doors and close them by pressing E on the door.
  • If you want to spectate other players, click left-mouse button and right-mouse button.

These were all the SCP: Secret Laboratory PC Keyboard controls. Be sure to read our other helpful tips in our video game guides section on GamerTweak.