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How To Complete The Scout Quest In Escape From Tarkov

Learn how you can complete the Scout quest given by the Mechanic in Escape From Tarkov.

Escape From Tarkov has seen many new updates recently, including one that added a new quest to complete known as Scout. Quests in Escape From Tarkov can be quite complicated and in-depth. Especially when you also have a new map like Factory to explore and understand, it can be a bit too much. Don’t worry, as this guide will show you everything you need to know for completing the Scout quest.

How to Complete Scout Quest in Escape From Tarkov

scout escape from tarkov factory map

The Scout quest in Escape From Tarkov is given to you by Sergey Arsenyevich Samoylov aka “Mechanic”. In order to get this quest from him you will need to be at least level 12. After talking with Sergey Arsenyevich Samoylov, he will tell you that he needs you to find which exits can still be used.

These exits mentioned are basically all of the 4 Extraction points on the map that you will need to use in order to complete the Scout quest, the objectives are as follows:

  • Find the first Factory extraction
  • Find the second Factory extraction
  • Find the third Factory extraction
  • Find the fourth Factory extraction
  • Survive and extract from the location

While this quest is straightforward enough, it can be difficult to find all of them in one Raid. Fortunately, you can do this quest by doing multiple Raids and finding them one by one. Just make sure to extract to make that attempt count towards the quest. The map above will help you find everything you need in order to complete Scout Quest in Escape From Tarkov.

Keep in mind that one of the extractions known as Mid Tent Gate will require a Factory Emergency Exit Key. This key can be found by looting Scavs or by buying it from the flea market.

That is all you need to know on how to complete the Scout quest in Escape from Tarkov. For more guides like these, check out our other articles on Escape From Tarkov like how to complete Revision Part 2 and how to complete Bunker Part 2.