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Scarra Item Cheat Sheet – Best Beginners Tips for Teamfight Tactics

Knowing what to build and when to build can be a key to winning games. Here are Item Cheats by Scarra you can use to increase your winning chances.

Looking for the best items to use in Teamfight Tactics? Well, you can try out Scarra’s recommendation. This Teamfight Tactics has Scarra Item Cheat Sheet that will guide you to pick the best items to use in the game. If you are able to figure out well when and why to build, you can amplify your chances of winning. The cheat sheet is directly from a high-level TFT player, using them will help you to experiments with the item. Without worrying much about its outcomes you can expect the best here.

Scarra Item Cheat Sheet

Scarra Cheat Sheet 2021

The above image is shared by Scarra on Twitter. Below is the detailed text of all the items. If you want to view the high-quality image then click on the Twitter image to see it in more detail. This is an old list yet it still works for many. It is kind of a good start for beginners or players who are looking for some help. Here is a compact list of the best items you can build in Teamfight Tactics.

1. B.F. Sword

Teamfight Tactics Sword Cheat Sheet

You can see the items you can attach with the Sword to get additional buffs. The first one beings by giving you 100% crit damage, the second amplifies the same by 5% for a second strike. You also earn 25% Heal of damage dealt with the above build. There is a 300HP Revive buff also.

2. Recurve Bow

Teamfight Tactics Recurve Bow Cheat Sheet

The second is the Recurve Bow, a weapon where you can also use some items to get more crit damage. Some items like the second one double your attack range. There is a 100 magic damage on every 3 rd attack and you will be capable of dodging all crits.

3. Chain Vest

Teamfight Tactics Chain Vest Cheat Sheet

Part of your armor the Chain vest will boost your revival powers. You can earn 300HP to revive, dodge all crits, and also reflect some attack damage with this build. As you level up with better items you can do some serious damage.

4. Negatron Cloak

Negatron Cloak

The cloak will fill you with 35% Lifesteal. You can increase your chances of silence on hist and build a good amount of resistance against magic damage. The objective of this build is to amplify resistance against magic.

5. Needl. Large Rod

Needl. Large Rod

Let’s get you some spell damage, the build will help you to get +50% AP. A bit of health is also earned in this. You can turn out to earn a Sorcerer rank if you can grab all the items as shown in the above image.

6. Tears of the Goddess

Tears of the Goddess

The build will help you to amplify mana, where you can also boost some magic damage. You can regain mana after spell cast. That can be quite helpful in certain battle scenarios.

7. Tears of the Goddess

Giant's Belt

Another addon on the build that will boost +200 Health. Some Attack Speed gain for your allies is a useful buff to carry in. Here the build can cause burn damage on spells and prevent healing of enemies. Also, there is a 5% health generation per second buff attached to it.

8. Spatula

Teamfight Tactics Spatula

The final part of the build is here. You can achieve various ranks in this if you follow the Scarra cheat sheet properly. Grab all the items and use them in the build and you will be able to become unstoppable.

To checkout, the build-in detail visits Scarra’s tweet above. You can go through a high-quality image to view the build items in detail.