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How To Perform A Perfect Dodge In Scarlet Nexus

Here are the controls to perform a Perfect Dodge in Scarlet Nexus at the perfect time.

Players who want to ensure they do a perfect dodge in Scarlet Nexus can find out how to do it through this guide. Use the controls shown below to evade enemy attacks and don’t worry, it’s pretty easy to do once you get a hang of it.

How to do a Perfect Dodge in Scarlet Nexus?


To perform a dash, you have to press the B button (Xbox controller)/Circle button (PlayStation controller) to dash and move the left stick in the direction you want to move in. But doing a perfect dodge is all about timing. Keep an eye on your enemy and when it’s just about to hit you with an attack, you have to dash away from it. Note that if you do it too soon, it won’t trigger the Perfect Dodge. But if you do, you will see a glow effect around your character, time will slow down and you can get a counter attack in while you are at it. This is where you can make the most of your temporary invulnerability.

how to perfect dodge scarlet nexus

Players will have to dodge enemy attacks so that they can save up items and resources for other crucial moments, especially during boss fights. Keep in mind that if you are oiled, you won’t be able to do a dodge, let alone a perfect one. But without it, you will be able to do it quite easily simply by focusing on your enemy attack.


It’s okay if you don’t get it in your first few tries but it’s a skill worth mastering which will come in handy in the long run. When you dodge away from your enemy’s attacks, you will also find time to recharge your psychokinesis as well as utilize items.

That’s all about how to perform a perfect dodge in Scarlet Nexus. Don’t forget to check out more such tips and tricks in our Scarlet Nexus guides. If you aren’t watching the Anime series, here are the Musubi Codes that you don’t want to miss out on.