How To Scare Rats In A Plague Tale Innocence

Hate Rats, Lets Light Up Everything

In some missions, you will face a crowd of Rats, freaking rodents who will not let you pass. They fear from fire and in this A Plague Tale Innocence how to scare rats guide I will show an important crafting recipe that will help you to craft an item called Ignifer. Ignifer is used to light up torches and burn objects in A Plague Tale Innocence, but you have to gather some items. Learn what all ingredients you will need to craft Ignifer to scare the rats in A Plague Tale Innocence

How To Scare Rats Away

Among thousands of Rats blocking your way if you see closely they cannot come in the light of the fire. They might be some kind of vampiric rats who do not adore lights a lot. Under the light of burning torches, you can pass safely. For this use the below Recipe and craft Ignifer. Press R2 to launch the Weapon Wheel and select the Ignifer.

Ignifer crafting recipe

Use Slingshot to shoot the Ignifer on torches or haystacks in the field. Find anything that can catch fire, and shoot. The rats will instantly empty the place once the light is on and you can walk ahead.

Ignifer Crafting Recipe

  • 1x Rock
    1x Sulfur
    1x Alcohol

These items are easy to find around in the field area where you want to use Ignifer. Look for a wooden chest around some are broken fallen on the floor while some are intact. It will give Alcohol and Sulphur, rocks are the most common thing you can find in A Plague Tale Innocence.