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How to Manually Save Game In Luigi’s Mansion 3 – Pro Tip

Save your progress

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is a big game where you will be scanning through various levels of a haunted hotel. There will be time when you can die and loose all your progress, well there is a trick that can help you to manually save the game and start back again from the last saved check point. This tip will be highly helpful when you are dealing with the bosses, and it will also help you save all your rewards and progress. So why to take risk if you can save progress in Luigi’s Mansion 3 and here is the exact method on how to do it.

How to save game


To save game in Luigi’s Mansion 3 pass through door and wait there for 10 seconds. Yes, there are many doors in the game whenever you pass through one of them the game progress is saved if you are not moving too fast. You will see the green saving icon on the bottom right of the screen.

For example at third floor you have to find a key to get access to the floor. The key is hidden in men toilet on the extreme right end, open the door and enter the toilet and wait there for a while. You will see the game progress is saved right there. If you die in between by losing all the life you can start from the last check point. This is how before entering into any kind of boss fight you can begin first by saving your progress.

In this way you can pass through the doors to manually save games in Luigi’s Mansion 3. You can save your progress and move ahead without worrying about losing your last saved. Saving game in Luigi’s Mansion 3 is also helpful when you are dealing with more than one boss. Instead of starting from scratch you can start back from the last best position.


So make sure you save your game whenever you see a door.