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How To Save Your Game In Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Save your game progress manually.

The Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles’ remastered version is out to play for the fans. While the game has brought in some new features to the game, it has also sort of brought a new confusion. The confusion of saving game progress. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles sports a very simple auto-save system that can mislead players.

The game is auto-saved only at certain checkpoints that are reached after a major task. But what if you don’t want for the checkpoint and save your game progress right when you want to quit the game? That’s where the question of how to manually save your game in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles comes in. If you too are looking for an answer to the same question, here it is.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: How to Save Your Game Manually

Manually saving your game progress is very simple. All you have to do is go to the menu and then click on Save/Load option. You can access the menu screen by pressing B on Nintendo Switch and X on PS4. This will bring up a screen where you will be given an option to select a saving slot. Once you select a saving slot, all your progress details will be recorded. If you have already visited some checkpoints, before heading for manual save, the topmost slot will already be occupied with the details of the last checkpoint. You can click on that slot to get the details of your last auto-save.

The challenging part to manual save your game in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is that there are only four save slots available, one of which is the default for checkpoints. So you will have to choose wisely for saving game progress. Another thing worth mentioning is that when you have saved game progress in the Save/Load slots, you can jump to the saved location at any time in the game. All you have to do is again head to the menu and click on Save/Load option. Then, select any one of the slots where you want to jump and it will take you to that very checkpoint.

To summarize it, you need to go to menu -> Save/Load option -> select one of the slots, to manually save your game in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. The remastered version has brought a whole new game world for the players. You can read other such guides on Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered version and other games only on GamerTweak.